FAR-FLUNG's future
  by Ursula Endlicher

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Far-Flung's future is a media-performance-installation which investigates different aspects in the relationship between humans and machines and is choreographed by real-time computer processes. Live-performed movement and computer generated video, lighting, sound and wind are influenced by the same data structures – weather conditions and time-of-day data from locations around the globe are changing the theater space from one moment to the next. The score of the performance is determined by the "system" and structured into random time units. A cast of computer functionalities turned human carry out their labors within unpredictable sequences – acts – of "on" and "off".

Far-Flung's future premiered on Friday, November 20, 2015 at WUK/Grosser Saal, in Vienna.

Artistic direction / Concept / Media / Stage & Scenography: Ursula Endlicher
Light Installation: Thomas J. Jelinek
Programming: Klaus Filip
Set Production: Lee Day and Ernst Endlicher
Sound: Szely

Frans Poelstra
Yuka Takahashi
Mzamo Nondlwana
Evandro Pedroni
Ursula Endlicher
Robert Appleton and Laura Meyers (Video Performances)

Many thanks to the whole technical set-up team at WUK!

Far-Flung's future has been produced for SOCIAL GLITCH, a two month event-series of exhibitions, sound works, and performances, curated by Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler und Max Thoman in cooperation with Bettina Kogler / WUK.performing.arts und kunstraum NIEDEROESTERREICH.

Treating performance like software, Far-Flung's future is the second in an ongoing series and an "upgraded version" of Far-Flung follows function which was performed in 2013 at xMPL (Experimental Media Performance Lab) at the Contemporary Art Center at UC Irvine/CA.

Far-Flung's future is realized with the generous support of the cultural section of the City of Vienna.